Guide to Winter Hiking

On today’s entry for the Outdoor Asian Blog, Daniel Kim graces us with a tome of material covering the A-B-C’s of hiking during the winter time: a welcome reminder that it is possible get out and active during the colder months.

Planning A Bike Tour

If you are starting out, or attempting first trip, it might be a good idea to either start small (under 30 miles/50 km each way), or connect with other cyclists that can show you the ropes.

Gear Repair 101

We have the perfect activity for you this cozy wintertime. Please welcome Yvan Tran of the Outdoor Asian Washington Chapter, our guest contributor for today’s guide to repairing your outdoor gear.

Cycling 101

Every body can cycle. Whether you ride with a conventional bike, a bike with training wheels, a recumbent, or a bike that allows a partner to pedal alongside or with you, there are a number of ways to ride a bike.

Mushrooms: Weird, Wonderful & Worth a Hike

Autumn brings the opportunity to explore more easily-accessible locations like river valleys, your local park, even your own backyard for those weird, fascinating organisms — mushrooms!

Hiking with Critters,
Large and Small

Here are a few of the wild creatures people routinely ask us about and tips on how to make potential encounters as positive as possible.

At-Home Exercises for Hiking

There are plenty of ways to stay active and maintain your strength at home. Doing so will ensure your future hiking ventures won’t suffer.

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