Cycling 101

Every body can cycle. Whether you ride with a conventional bike, a bike with training wheels, a recumbent, or a bike that allows a partner to pedal alongside or with you, there are a number of ways to ride a bike.

Mushrooms: Weird, Wonderful & Worth a Hike

Autumn brings the opportunity to explore more easily-accessible locations like river valleys, your local park, even your own backyard for those weird, fascinating organisms — mushrooms!

Hiking with Critters,
Large and Small

Here are a few of the wild creatures people routinely ask us about and tips on how to make potential encounters as positive as possible.

At-Home Exercises for Hiking

There are plenty of ways to stay active and maintain your strength at home. Doing so will ensure your future hiking ventures won’t suffer.

Hygienic Hiking: Gear Up Against Germs

We put together some tips and suggestions for gear to keep you and others safe on your hike. Bonus: Many of these suggestions can be made from supplies you already have.

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