After much consideration, King County Parks and King County Metro have decided to cancel the Trailhead Direct 2020 season. We are disappointed not to offer Trailhead Direct this year, but we made this decision for the health and safety of our community members.  

Trailhead Direct is a seasonal service that normally operates for approximately five months from April to September. Given the unknown timing of Phase 3 in King County and the social distancing and public health protocols that we’d need to implement, we don’t believe that we would be able to provide timely or sufficient service to Trailhead Direct passengers, which would lead to significantly longer waits and potential congestion at trailhead waiting areas. 

We believe that the outdoors should be enjoyed by everyone, and we recognize the cancellation of this year’s service means reduced accessibility to trails and nature for many members of our community.  

We are working to preserve the spirit of Trailhead Direct by continuing to support our partner organizations in their efforts to connect communities of color to the outdoors. We know that you are eager to get outside, and never has it been more valuable than in these stressful times. 

We encourage you to recreate responsibly by following these simple tips: 

  • Check the status of the place you want to visit  
  • Bring essentials like hand sanitizer & face coverings  
  • Keep to local parks, trails, & public spaces  
  • Keep your group small & practice physical distancing  
  • Slow down & choose lower-risk activities   
  • Take all your garbage with you  
  • Do your part to make the outdoors safe & welcoming for all 

Learn more about King County Parks’ COVID-19 response and King County Metro’s COVID-19 response

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this unprecedented time. While we don’t yet know if a 2021 season is in store, we are committed to sharing more Trailhead Direct updates with you in the future.  

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